Program Coordinators and Coaches

Learn to Skate

  • Rachel Rosan – Program Coordinator

CDNY Synchronized Skating

  • Missy Williams, Head Coach and Director
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In order for a coach to participate in any event or program sanctioned by U.S. Figure Skating (USFS), the coach must be “compliant” with USFS policies and rules. This helps to give parents the highest degree of confidence that their children are not only receiving good care and proper instruction but are safe from improper conduct.

SSFSC ensures coaches participating in these programs are compliant with USFS. This includes:

  1. current full member of U.S. Figure Skating – either through a member club or as an individual member;
  2. successfully pass an annual background screen;
  3. completion of the appropriate courses depending on the highest level of students being coached;
  4. verification of current general liability insurance;
  5. current member of the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) (if coaching skaters/teams in qualifying events at U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competitions)

Additionally – Any person, 18 and older, instructing in a U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program must be registered as a Basic Skills instructor member.

Saratoga Springs Ice Rink Coaches

Jeanne Governale-Cousineau
Jeanne has been teaching skating for 30+ years.  She has her BA rating, Level 2 ranking, Category A certification, and Hockey I certification from the Professional Skaters Association.  She coaches moves in the field, freestyle, hockey skating and power skills, and group lessons for children and adults.  She has had skaters pass their senior moves in the field, and qualify for State National Championships and National Showcase Championships.  Her skaters compete at both USFS and ISI competitions.  Jeanne has her bachelor’s degree, a master’s in education, and all her coursework for her PhD in Literacy, Teaching, and Learning.  She taught public school for 15 years and now teaches at the college level.   She enjoys furthering her knowledge about skating through attending annual conferences and taking lessons for her own skating in dance and moves in the field.

Kim Ferrie                

Debbie Labombard

Nancy Owen           

Joan Podres             

Jill Ramos    518-584-3374
Jill is a United States Figure Skating Quadruple Gold Medalist in Adult Freestyle, Adult Dance, AdultcFree Dance and Senior Moves in the Field. She is also an Adult National and National Showcaseccompetitor. She is a member of United States Figure Skating (USFS) and the Professional Skater’s Association (PSA) and is also a registered Learn to Skate USA instructor. Jill’s students have completed and medaled at various ISI and USFS competition. Her students have passed through their Junior Moves and Silver Dances. Jill has over 15 years experience providing group and private instruction. She has attended several training camps and seminars in the US and Canada. She also provides off-ice training to figure skaters.
She holds a BS in Computer Science from Siena College.  Jill is interested in working with skaters of all ages and abilities, both privately and in groups.