Schedule and Rates

If you use Club Ice, you must adhere to the Rules and Etiquette.

No ice offered first week of July

Summer Ice July 8th – August

Mondays 4-6pm
Wednesdays 4-6pm
Thursdays 4-6pm

check calendar on website for updates

Schedule of events

Test Session August 25 2019


2019/20 Ice Rates:

Member & associate rates:     $8.00 / half hour       $16 /hr hour
Member punch card                  $150 for 20 1/2hr
2 cards purchased together    $280 for 40 1/2hr

Non-Member rates:                  $10.00 / half hour     $20/hr Punch cards                                 $180 for 20 1/2hr punches

Individual Skater (under 18)           $150.00
2nd Family Skater (3rd, 4th)            $50.00
Introductory Skater (under 18)      $50.00
Adult Skater (USFS)                            $100.00
Adult Skater (non USFS)                   $50.00
Associate                                                $40.00
Collegiate                                               $100.00
Coach – Home Club                              $90.00
Coach – Associate                                $40.00


We are confident all skaters understand that ice cannot be offered at a loss to the Club. Please be aware that sessions will be monitored for utilization and changes made as necessary.